Yo Followers Ain’t Yo Fans

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Yes, you read that correctly(bad English and all). Your social media followers aren’t necessarily your fans. How many of your followers actually support you? How many of your followers have purchased, streamed, or downloaded your music? How many of your followers attend your shows? If you have 25,000 Twitter followers  and 50,000 Instagram followers, but only 5 people you do not know showed up to your last concert, you have a problem my friend. A true fan is someone who supports you with their hard-earned dollars and shares your music with their peers.


While social media is an essential tool to connect with your fans, you do not own your social media followers. You are at the mercy of the platforms’ creators.  Recently, Instagram announced that they are changing its algorithm which means posts will be displayed differently. A lot of users freaked out and asked their followers to turn on their notifications so they can still see their posts. (Seriously? Why would I want a thousand notifications coming to my phone every time someone posts? Um….NAH!!!!) If social media was to go away,  how would you stay in contact with your fans? (Remember, what happened to Myspace?)


The purpose of social media is to raise your brand awareness, engage your followers, and move them through your fan conversion funnel. Your social media channels should drive fans to your website where they can listen to your music, buy merchandise, and opt-in to your mailing list. You can also use social media to drive your followers to a landing page where you offer a free single in exchange for their email address. Once your fans opt-in to your mailing list, you can consistently connect with them by sending them weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly messages. Your mailing list is the best online tool to build personal connections with your fans and generate sales.  So what are a few ways you can use social media in order to move people through your fan conversion funnel?


Be social and be yourself

It’s called SOCIAL MEDIA. Have genuine conversations with people. Do not be arrogant and neglect to respond to comments or thank your fans for their support.  Share some of your general interests and small bits of your personal life with your followers. Take your fans along with you on your journey by sharing photos and videos that gives your followers a behind-the-scenes look of your career.  Remember, no one wants to be bombarded with sales posts such as “download my mixtape” or “check out my video” all day. People are more likely to listen to your music if they like you first.


Show what’s in it for them

While your music is personal to you, you have to give people a reason to listen. One way to do this is focus on building an online community. Communities are not just about the leader, but every person that is a member. Share content that relates to you and your followers shared values and interests. Music is also often therapeutic for many people. Share the stories behind some of your favorite songs to relate to your followers. People feel  a connection with someone when they can identify themselves in another person’s stories.


Have strong call-to-action posts 

Although all your posts shouldn’t be sales posts, you have to include some posts were you tell your followers what you want them to do. Once you have your followers’ attention and interest, posts call-to-action posts where you direct them to your website or a landing page where you capture their information.


Building a  fanbase does not happen overnight, but if you consistently do the work you will have a tribe of followers who genuinely love you.


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