Branding 101: It Starts With the Music

by / Thursday, 03 December 2015 / Published in Branding, Entertainment, Marketing, Music, Production


As an artist, defining your brand starts with your music. You can have the best marketing campaign in the world, but if the music isn’t right your marketing will not work. Marketing starts with a quality product. You must produce a quality product that resonates with people in order to build your fan base. While music fans musical tastes are subjective, there are some principles you can follow to produce quality music.




  • Have your music professionally mixed and mastered– No one is going to listen to your music if it sounds bad. Have your tracks properly mixed and mastered so they have a crisp, professional sound.


  • Consider your audience- While your music is your outlet for your creativity, you have to consider your audience if you are making music to market and sell. Your fans have to feel and believe whatever you are singing or rapping. Think about how you want  your fans to feel when they listen to your music. Consider the messages you want to communicate to your fans.


  • Embrace your own unique sound- The music that is playing on the radio today is old news. The music industry is looking for the next best thing. The  world also doesn’t need another Chris Brown or Fetty Wap. Develop your own unique sound that fits you as an artist.


  • Test your music– Testing your music helps you to determine who your fans are and the level of quality of your music. Have different types of people listen to your music and provide you with honest feedback. If you have relationships with industry professionals, ask them to listen to your music and give you their opinion. Avoid only getting feedback from your family and friends. They are most likely going to tell you you’re great because they love you. Find people who will give you honest, constructive criticism of your music.(And don’t automatically assume they’re a “hater” when they give you criticism.)


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