How to Build a Loyal Fanbase

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A loyal fanbase is essential to have a long, successful music career. In recent years, we have seen some superstar artists generate high album sales with little prior promotion and charge hundreds of dollars for concert tickets due to their loyal fanbases. The value of a loyal fan is far greater than a casual listener. A casual listener may listen to your music every now and then, but a loyal fan supports (almost) everything you do. They will buy your albums, come to your shows, and support your other endeavors. Loyal fans spend more money with your brand over time. Here are some tips to help you build a loyal fanbase.

Know your fans– In order to build loyal fans, you have to know what makes your fans tick and build an emotional connection. Know who your fans are including their demographics, values, and lifestyle preferences. Study your fans’ behaviors and how they interact with your brand. After you grasp a good understanding of who your fans are, give them what they want.

Be Personal – While it is good to maintain a little mystery around your brand, do not be completely stand offish when it comes to your fans. Give them a glimpse into your world. Show your fans behind the scene footage of you working on your music and share small pieces of your personal life. (Leave the messy stuff offline). Fans love to feel like their favorite artists could be their best friend or a close family member.

Interact with your fans– Again, do not be stand offish with your fans or just ask them to buy your music all the time. Interact with them. Have conversations with your fans through social media, interactive chat sessions, and livestreams. Make things fun and ask for their feedback on your next single or what songs to perform at your next show.

Reward your fans for supporting you– Treat your fans like VIPs to build loyalty. Give them exclusive access to your content or give them access to your content before the general public. Send news about your new music to fans on your email list first. Host contests and giveaways to reward your fans with special prizes such as special concerts and cool merchandise.

Give it your all on stage– Give it your all every time you get on stage.You can generate a huge buzz and following by putting on a great stage show. People will spread the word about your music and continue to come to your shows if you consistently deliver an awesome experience.

Be consistent– The biggest superstars have loyal fanbases because they consistently deliver an experience that their fans love. People love going to see Beyonce’ because she always put on a good show. Consistently produce good music and delight your fans.


Remember, a loyal fan will stick with you through thick and thin. Even if you happen to drop a less than stellar album or fall from grace, they will give you another chance. Aim to build a large, loyal fanbase and you will have a long, prosperous music career.

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