How to Build a Digital Street Team

street_team_66304_12Street team marketing is a form of guerilla marketing that is used to raise awareness of your music among your target fans. Street teams were heavily used by hip hop labels to promote their albums. Labels hired reps to hang up poster and flyers to let people in the streets know about their new releases. Today, many people find out about new music online from their peers. You can adapt this old-school tactic of street team marketing to form your own digital street team. A digital street team can help you spark conversations about your music and generate a buzz. Here are some tips on building a digital street team:


Find people with influence– Your digital street team members function as your endorsers and must have a strong influence among your target audience. Having a strong influence is not just having a large amount of followers on social media. An influencer has a large following and the power to sway people’s thoughts and actions. Find tastemakers who have strong influence, who have access to your target fans, and can persuade people to listen to your music.


Ask your supporters to join your team- Your best brand advocates are people who believe in you and love your music. Ask your family, friends, and of course your fans to be a part of your digital street team. These people already support you and would be willing to help you.


Invite your fans on your mailing list first- Your fans on your mailing list have more vested interest in you than your social media followers. They signed up for your mailing list because they want to stay updated on what you are doing and personally hear from you on a consistent basis. Send an email to your mailing list asking them to join your digital street team. Once you have given your fans on your mailing list a chance to join your team, open up your street team to your social media followers. Ask your social media followers to sign-up for your mailing list to learn how to join your digital street team. This will help you to build your mailing list.


Give your street team marketing guidelines– Your street team marketing must fit within your overall marketing plan. While you want to give your team members freedom to speak from their hearts about your brand, you need to give them guidelines on how to represent you. Your street team must communicate the same messages you are communicating in your other marketing channels. You also want your street team members to talk about your brand at the same time in order to create a buzz. For example, you release your new single and you want your digital street team to help you promote it. Ask your street team to post your with genuine comments at the same exact time on specified channels. The more people you have talking about your music online, the more likely you can generate a buzz.


Reward your street team– Your street team members are using their spare time to help you out because they believe in you. Treat your digital street team well and compensate them. Reward them with free downloads, exclusive content, exclusive access to your concerts and events, merchandise, etc.

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