4 Ways to Show Your Brand Some Love

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Brand building is a continuous process and is a lot like maintaining a healthy, prosperous relationship.  Think about it.  Relationships require more than love to prosperous. They require loyalty, trust, commitment, and work.  Your brand needs same the energy in order to grow. You must consistently communicate with your audience to build that strong emotional connection. You have to consistently provide value and give to your audience just like you would with your partner. In the daily grind of running a  business, it’s easy to let brand building to fall by the wayside.  Here are four ways to show your brand some tender, love, and care.


Refine your messaging

Feel like your audience is not feeling you like they used to? It may be time to revamp your brand message. Your brand message must always resonate with your audience.  They have to be able to understand you and feel you. Your brand should evolve as your business grows over time. Fine tune your brand message by revising your core statements such as your mission statement, values statement, and elevator pitch.  Your message should clearly state who you are, who you serve, and how you provide value to your audience.  Take this simple example of an elevator pitch for a fitness trainer.  ” I am a fitness trainer who helps new moms lose weight and achieve their desired body postpartum.”

Along with revamping your message,  check the tone of your communications.  Sometimes, it’s not what you say but how you say it.  You may be saying all the right things,  but your tone is off.  Speak your audience’s language.


Rep your brand with style

Beauty may be only skin deep, but looks do matter.  People respond to high-quality visuals. Make sure your brand visuals reflect what your brand stands for and communicate your message. Create or revamp your brand style guide.  Your brand style guide includes your color scheme, design templates,  and typography you use in your brand visuals. Don’t be afraid to bring in outside help to create your visuals.  Just as in a relationship,  you sometimes need to hire a counselor to improve the quality of your relationship, hire a designer and photographer to improve your visuals.


Get on one accord

In a relationship, your partner may be in one space and you in another. This can cause disharmony in your relationship.  The same can happen with your brand. Consistency helps to build your connection with your audience and your brand. Do an audit of all your marketing and communications channels to make sure you’re communicating the same message across all your channels.  Your designs and visuals should also be consistent. Most importantly,  your business should provide the same exceptional experience for your audience every time they interact with your brand. The strongest way to build your brand reputation is by consistently providing a stellar customer or client experience. Review your processes and put systems in place to streamline your customer or client experience.


If you got something good, flaunt!

When you are in love, you freely share your happiness with the world. You have something of value to give to your audience. Do not be afraid to share it with them. Your audience needs the solution you provide to their problem. Whether you are sharing content online, sharing your story with the media, or interacting with your audience or a colleague in person, you must consistently communicate your value and interact with your audience.

If you have difficulty with being consistent, find ways to automate your marketing and promotions. Apps like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Planoly allow you to schedule your social media posts. Set aside specific time blocks or days where you focus solely on brand building and marketing. Remember, in order for your brand to grow you must give it the love and attention it needs. Nurture your brand daily as the results are a prosperous, profitable business.


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