4 Online Marketing Mistakes Musicians Make

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The Internet has allowed artists to reach millions of music fans and grow their careers with a click of a button. Social media sites like YouTube have launched the careers of young artists like Justin Bieber and Chloe’and Halley. While the Internet has made it easier for artists to promote their music, many artists make pivotal online marketing mistakes that prevent them from breaking out and building a successful career. Here are four online marketing mistakes that musicians make:


1. No Website

There is no excuse for not having a website in 2016. Your website should be your central hub to connect with your fans online. It is your 24/7 marketing tool. Fans should be able to learn more about you, listen to your music, sign-up for your newsletter, and buy from you on your website. Develop a website that represents your brand. If you are unable to hire a professional designer right away, use tools like Squarespace to develop a website.


2. Use exclusively as a sales tool
Constantly posting “listen to my new single” or ” watch my new video” will cause people to tune you out. Your primary goal on social media should be to raise awareness, engage your followers, and convert them into your fans. Use your social media to start building relationships with your followers and drive traffic to your website

3. No newsletter

Many artists still underestimate the power of email marketing and rely heavily on social media to stay connected with their fans. What would you do if your favorite social media shuts down? (Remember Myspace?) Social media is constantly changing and you do not own your social media followers. Your newsletter is your best tool to consistently communicate with your fans, build loyalty, and monetize your music. Share personal notes, music updates, and exclusive offers in your newsletter.


4. Lack of monetization on your website

Your website is not only your primary online marketing tool. It also a tool to convert fans and monetize your music. Use your website to sell your music, merchandise, and loyalty programs to your fans. Offer a free single for download on your website to capture email addresses and convert visitors into fans.


Having a strong online presence is a part of having a powerful brand. Learn how to build an online presence that connects with your fans with the Power Branding Guide to Branding Musicians ebook. Click here to get your copy. 

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